Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services for your Business

Large and Small Business Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We know the importance for your business to maintain a professional appearance and that means keeping everything looking pristine, Table Rock Carpet Cares’ Commercial Carpet Cleaning service is what you have been looking for.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning service in Medford Our certified technicians and state of the art commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services can restore and protect your business clean and professional interior. Our commercial grade machines give us the ability to quickly clean large areas to save you valuable time. We can set-up a Monthly, bi-yearly, or annually maintenance plan for hassle free routine commercial carpet cleaning service. Often times the best schedue to setup is one that includes more frequest small cleaning to clean the high traffic areas that take most of the abuse. This kind of schedule wil put less hassle on your business and will keep the carpets looking their best.

The commercial Carpet Cleaning process

Carpet Cleaning using a Cimex machineThe commercial cleaning process shares some of the same steps and the residential carpet cleaning service but there are some major differences. Perhaps one of the biggest is that commercial carpet sees a greater amount of traffic then your homes carpet plus the carpet is built different; regular cleaning is required to keep things from becoming unhealthy. Our certified carpet cleaning technicians have the experience and knowledge to help identify a cleaning plan for your business.

Spot Cleaning

Often we are called in to just clean a small area where perhaps something was spilled or an accident has taken place. We know that in a business environment carpet cleaning can be a disturbance so we work with you to provide fast, quality service to get you and your employees back to work quicker. So please don't hesitate to give us a call for the small things and we always treat you and your time with the upmost respect.

We can help!

Today there are a number of options for most business which include hot water extraction, or even Encapsulation cleaning. There are pros and cons to each as well as other factors to include, our carpet cleaning technicians have the experience and training to go over the pros and cons of each cleaning method with you.